About Me

Faye MillerHello everyone, I’m Faye Miller, a work at home mom from Houston Texas and I have created this website for one simple reason, to help you find the best weight loss programs available online, that actually work (no hype)!

Not only have I personally had weight issues most of my life, but I’ve tried so many weight loss programs over the years and most did not work for me. So the ratings you read on my website are based on my own personal experience using these programs.

I used to comfort eat, as it made me feel better after my divorce. I was depressed most of the time and did not have the courage to seek medical advice or help. Luckily I have family and friends who care enough to help me through and my life really started to become more positive when I started losing weight and feeling more confident in my own skin.

It’s a vicious circle really, I used to eat to make feel better, but the weight I was piling on made me feel depressed, which made me eat more and this just continued to spiral out of control. One day I realized I must break the cycle and make a lifestyle change as my health was starting to suffer, I had IBS and my stomach was in constant pain after eating.

When you work hard at this, lose weight and reach your targets, it feels very empowering and once you start to see results, there will be no stopping you. All you need to do is stick to a diet (which is proven to work) for a minimum of 90 days, so you can start to see & feel real results, instead of looking for a magic pill like I used to do.

I don’t guarantee that the programs I recommend on this website will help you lose weight, because each person has a different amount of will power, but if you follow the weight loss plans provided within the guides, eat healthy food, drink plenty of water and exercise regular, then you will get results if you keep working at it.

After trying so many different programs, I finally found one that works really well for me and it’s not as difficult as other programs I’ve tried in the past.

Over the last 6 months, I have lost more than 40 pounds (3 stone), using Just ONE program I recommend on my website & that is no joke! If you want to do the same as me, get a better figure, have more energy, feel more confident and sexy, then I recommend you check out The Beta Switch Review I wrote, which I personally use myself, it really changed my life.

I hope my story helps inspire and motivate you to reach your personal weight loss goals.

Lots of love,

Faye xxx